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White pure as milk horn plate

What is horn plate?

What is horn plate?

Hello optical manufactures,

Horn plate is raw blank plate process from:

  • Cattle horn
  • Buffalo horn
  • Ram horn
  • Sheep horn

We have widest relationship with many slaughter over the word. They kill these animals day by day to supply food demand. We collect the horn and keep them on our warehouse.

When customer need some special plate color for their production. They always contact to us. Why? We will let you know some benefit when they do business with us:

  • They save their money when they buy horn plate. Full horn will waste a lot of money for their production.
  • They save their time to sort the horn. It is hard word and have very bad smell. Many European Government don't want to do this jobs on their country.
  • They save their money to ship horn plate instant the full horn. Full horn weight is more than 100 times of horn plate.
  • We supply horn plate for many eyeglasses manufacture or optical shop. We know the market demand for color and horn type.
  • We have experience to export horn plate with European and America. We could issues very special papers (Health Certificated and Annex follow European law).


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